Modern Dog Trot House Plans

Oct 4th
Top Modern Dog Trot House Plans
Top Modern Dog Trot House Plans

Modern Dog Trot House Plans – A Dogtrot is a house design that is found in many areas around the countryside south of the United States. The concept of Dogtrot housing includes an open aperture in the center of the structure. The open area extends from the front to the back of the house, which allows air to circulate through the room. The fancy name for this broad center passage comes from the fact that a household pet could easily use the space to pass from the front to the back of the house with ease.

There are several benefits associated with modern dog trot house plans. One has to do with ventilation. In the humid south, which has an open passageway meant that winds could circulate through the structure with greater ease? From a practical standpoint, the space reserved for cooking is removed from the meeting and bedroom meant these areas would remain cooler even in the heat of summer. Since Dogtrot covered, wide central corridor is also an ideal place to sit in the evenings when the heat of the day has passed.

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Modern dog trot house plans are still popular for weekend cabins. While the plan Dogtrot modern homes today may or may not break up two large rooms into smaller areas, is the great center of the passage remains in the design. In some cases, each end of the passage being equipped with rolling doors, which makes it possible to seal the area outside if desired. However, many people enjoy the open feeling that Dogtrot cabins tend to give.

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