Modern Corrugated Iron Houses Ideas

Oct 9th
Modern Corrugated Iron Houses Western
Modern Corrugated Iron Houses Western

Modern corrugated iron houses can solve almost any roofing needs. As long as your wall does not have a hole in it, you can place these tin panels over existing shingles, eliminating the need to clean the roof down to the boards. Modern corrugated iron houses material lasts a long time and resists weather well than other roofing materials. Once used only as a ceiling for sheds and garages, used corrugated tin panels more commonly by homeowners today.


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Measure your roof to determine how many sheets of modern corrugated iron houses you need. Divide your roof measurement of tin panel size. Each section of corrugated metal has a 2-inch overlap on all sides. Therefore, a 38-inch-wide piece covers 36 inches.

Place a sheet of corrugated metal in the corner of your wall, starting at the bottom. Allow 2 inches of corrugated tin overhang the roof edge. Drill a hole in the submerged part of the plate in the corner. Drill the screw holes in the sheet about 6 inches apart. Secure each panel on the roof with about 20 screws. Do not place any screws in the side of the iron which you will add another row.

Place the next sheet of tin so that the bottom edge aligned with the first panel and has 2-inch overhang. Secure the second panel above the first line, overlapping the lower part of the panel with 2 inches. If you do not need the full length of the modern corrugated iron houses, cut them to length with tin snips. Install ridge caps along the top of your wall that covers the ends of a plate.

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