Make Your Own Mirrored Headboard with Mirror Tiles

Sep 8th
Popular Mirrored Headboard
Popular Mirrored Headboard

Mirrored Headboard – Customizing your bedroom decor does not have to involve expensive new furniture and complicated color schemes. Just create a new headboard of adhesive-backed mirrored tiles is enough to add a level of sophistication without having to hire an expert craftsman. The tiles will stick to a clean, painted surface. Plus, as mirrors reflecting surfaces around them, you do not have to worry about repainting or buy a new headboard should you choose to decorate. The only drawback occurs when you tire of the mirrors and the need to remove them from the wall.

Push the bed away from the wall where you create mirrored headboard. Remove the existing headboard if necessary. Wash the wall with soapy water and a cloth. Let it air dry for one hour before proceeding. The tiles will not adhere to a damp wall. Keep the tape measure on the floor in the middle of the bed and measure up the wall to the desired height of the Mirrored Headboard. Make a pencil mark on the wall at that location. Take into account the height of the bed frame, mattress and box spring, because the headboard should be visible above them.

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Measure down from the pencil mark to the desired base on the headboard. Make another pencil mark in this location. Measuring right and left, and mark the full rectangular-shaped dimensions of the headboard. Keep a scale up to the wall and connect the marks by tracing the rectangular shape of the mirrored headboard with a pencil. Peel the backing from the first tile. Cutting end tiles as needed with a tile or glass cutter. Lay tile face on a flat surface and measure out the section needed to make a small mark. Repeat steps five and six until all the pieces have been put in place. Pushing the bed back into position.

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