How to Make Headboard with Shelves Care

Sep 11th
The Headboard with Shelves
The Headboard with Shelves

Headboard with shelves – A head end is placed at the head of the bed, behind the cushions. Some head ends of which are attached to the bed frame; others fixed to the wall. They are made for functionality or design. Shelf headboard fit into both categories.  Decide where to place the shelf above the bed. You can board where you want to put only, but make sure you can sit in the bed without hitting your head on it. Determine the number of shelves and their positioning on the wall.

Use a spirit level and a pencil on a line where the shelves will attract. Buy wooden planks of the height and width you want to use for the headboard with shelves. Measure the boards to length and cut with a saw. Sand the wood with 220-grit sandpaper. Sand all sides, especially any sides you with the cut. When they are smooth, wipe the wood with a damp towel.

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Paint the wood with a primer. Read the labels to find out what products to use as a timber are primer. Most labels say determine which materials may be used. Wait to dry up the wood. Paint the wood the color you choose for the headboard with shelves. Wait until the paint dry. If the color looks thin or streaky, adds another layer. Keep the hidden shelf bracket to the lines you have drawn on the wall. Mark a dot for each hole.

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