Energy Saving U Shaped Modern House Plans

Oct 8th
U Shaped Modern House Plans Picture
U Shaped Modern House Plans Picture

U shaped modern house plans can have a lot more to do with their energy consumption than you think. If you are planning a new home, you have a perfect opportunity to choose an energy-efficient house plan. Although most of the house to take advantage of the standard improvements such as insulation, sealing leaks and updated heating and cooling equipment, homes starting with a well-designed plan has the potential to be much more energy efficient than the average home.

U shaped modern house plans should be oriented towards the sun. In cold areas, should housing be compact and roughly square in plan to minimize the surface to mass ratio. In hot climates, the floor plans to be more spread out. The long axis should almost always runs east and west, so that the long walls to the south and the north and the shorter walls face East and West. This approach provides maximum opportunity for passive solar heating.

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South windows allow the sun rays to penetrate homes and provide passive solar heat gain. The amount of sunshine into a space controlled easily with overhangs, shade slats and blinds. However, the morning and evening sun in the east and west low in the sky and more difficult to control. U shaped modern house plans is particularly intense. Especially in hot climates, the east and west window is limited unless there is a good reason – for example, if the best view is to the west. North windows provide good quality natural daylight, but also is a source of heat loss so should moderate size.

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